Improve In Chess Strategies – One practical and very useful chess improvement tip you MUST follow!

How long do chess players spend studying? 3 hours? Four? Or maybe chess is your ‘full-time’ job, where you spend 8 hours a days practicing chess. Come and visit our website search it on online chess lessons for beginners you can learn more.

Whatever your answer to this question, let me ask: How long do you spend playing chess every day? What about applying the knowledge you have gained from your chess coaching? How many slow games have you played in a month in order to improve in chess

Unfortunately, this is the truth for many amateurs. I’ll be playing whenever the opportunity arises.

Or they’d say: “Why do you play slow games when you have internet chess play sites where I could play blitz?”

“Todays players, especially the internet denizens, believe that 30 minute is a very long time.” National Chess Master Dan Heisman. What do you know? A chess game takes 30 minutes. However, it is not fast enough to let you apply what you have learned in chess and play “Real Chess”.

Take a look at the current masters: Carlsen Anand Kramnik Wesley So – they are not getting better at blitzing all year. You can actually watch them play chess for 7 hours!

Although I am not suggesting that you should play so long, 7 hours of chess is a lot. It is important to remember that if you want to make significant improvements in chess, you need to play slow games. This will allow you to use the chess skills you have acquired in your training.

There are 2 sides to chess improvement. They are theory and practice. The theory section includes viewing chess video lessons and courses as well as opening manuals and solving ChessBase strategies. Practice, well it seems, is where everything you have learned is applied.

Like you, i was also lured into speed chess via the internet. You won’t believe it: even after all the years of playing and training, you still play like this in tournaments with slower times controls (G/90-or slower). I can hang pieces and open myself up to double attacks. I can also leave a part en prise. It’s as though I haven’t learned anything.