Nursing Equipment – The Ins And Outs

Nursing is a challenging, fast-paced, and high-energy job. A nurse’s job is a new experience. Even new nurses need the proper equipment to perform their duties effectively. Every employer and organization might have their own specialty equipment. But the basic principles don’t change and remain pretty standard

Apart from the many implements that may be used in different areas of a hospital, standard equipment for nurses is the same. This includes a set uniform, proper shoes and a gaitbelt to help patients move around. There are also scissors to use when cutting bandages. Not only are a pen, stethoscope and other tools necessary for specific areas of nursing required, but also a pen. A nurse should have a stethoscope at the very beginning of her nursing career. You will use it as a nurse to perform different examinations and verify the patient’s condition. It is a great tool to have, as it can be used on children, adults, and infants.

The uniform, or nursing scrubs, consists of tops, bottoms, jackets, caps, and sleeves. These dresses are professional and can be used to distinguish the nurses according to their practice areas and departments. They are vital to maintain a healthy environment and stop germs from spreading. Nursing shoes are an essential item that must be durable and comfortable. A pair of shoes that are comfortable and durable is essential for the nursing profession. Nursing requires a lot more running than normal. A watch with a timer that can be read easily and has a hand to measure seconds is essential. The watch must be waterproof, as the nurse may have to wash her hands and wrists frequently. Also, a gait belt will be required to help with safe ambulation and transfer the patients.